Cottage Style Home Decorating: in Your Living Room

If you have a love affair with roses, right here are 12 Tips on the best ways to transform your cottage style living room into a bloomingly pleased area!

1. Slipcover or reupholster your couch in a rose formed textile. Add candy striped or plaid accent cushions in a corresponding shade.
2. Usage increased patterned accent pillows on your strong color sofa and lounge chairs.
3. Sew silk ribbon rosebuds found in craft stores on your strong color accent cushions to cheer up your sofa as well as lounge chairs.
4. Location a large increased theme paint on or over your fireplace mantel.
5. A needlepoint throw rug in the form of a rose makes a vivid and comfortable accent.
6. Accumulate cost-effective rose patterned china plates at flea markets and yard sales and hang them on the wall.
7. Hang a rose motif plate on the wall or even an arrangement of several plates.
8. Hang a climbed theme tray or a number of trays on the wall.
9. Curtain a rose patterned throw over your couch.
10. Hot glue silk bow rosebuds discovered in craft stores around the bottom of a lamp shade.
11. Sew a 10 inch rose formed strip of material on the bottom and/or top of your living-room drapes to coordinate with the slipcover or furniture fabric on your sofa.
12. And also certainly, maintain a large arrangement of fresh roses on your coffee table!


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