DIY – Tile Flooring in the Living Room

Americans normally reserve floor tile flooring for the kitchen area or the shower room. Yet if you have actually ever before hung out in a Mexican hacienda, you understand the deep, exotic enjoyment of strolling barefoot across stunning floor tiles in a space not suggested for leaking dishwater or stepping out of the shower.

My partner and also I honeymooned in San Miguel de Allende, in a suite with Saltillo tile flooring. When we bought a residence in 2015 with some ratty carpeting in the living-room, we began asking yourself, just what’s quiting us from recreating that right here?

Initially we were checking out terra cotta tinted ceramic floor tiles, with the suggestion of bringing our honeymoon into our home in as exact a replica as possible. Truthfully, I think we would certainly have enjoyed that, also. Those were one of the most charming days of our lives, besides.

However we stay in Rose city, Oregon, where the rain falls and also the yard grows green, and also it seemed a little out of place. We wanted a ceramic tile flooring that referenced Mexico, yet likewise recognized Portland. You understand, Be Below Currently.

Then we discovered natural rock ceramic tiles, and we fell in love around again. We picked an arbitrary sized mosaic of sliced stones in a shade of eco-friendly called “Taipei” (after the funding of Taiwan) that reminded us for all the globe of creek beds on walks we take in the Oregon hills.

Below is a little tutorial on Do It Yourself tile flooring, based on our experience. We have actually been strolling throughout our pebbled living room for 6 months currently, and I vow I’ve never ever felt so much peace in a non-vacation home. Wedded bliss, or just one alright damn floor? A little of both, if we do say so, ourselves.


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